news 02.01.2022
kristen fellows
kristen fellows
svp, marketing & communications

When Choreograph launched in April 2021, we were in the process of establishing the business and coming together as an organization. And while we shared a common purpose, we needed to add further clarity to our mission, vision, and values to really uncover who we wanted to be as a company and what we wanted our brand to communicate.

news 02.01.2022

introducing our refined mission, vision, purpose and a completely reimagined visual identity.

press releases 07.27.2021

GroupM, WPP’s media investment group, today announces Brendan Moorcroft as CEO of Choreograph.

insights 07.14.2021

GenZ is a generation defined by Covid-19. They’re true digital natives, raised on and shaped by the internet.

insights 06.10.2021

In the wake of Covid-19, the luxury market has suffered significant losses, and existing trends have accelerated.

press releases 06.09.2021

GroupM SSA and WPP’s Choreograph announced today the expansion of proprietary Audience Origin data service into 12 markets in Africa.

press releases 04.27.2021

WPP today announces Choreograph, a new global data company, to help clients realize the value of their first-party data.