a future-proof data system, empowering brand-led data ownership

An end-to-end data enablement solution that brings your customer data to life, empowering you to move with intention.

our products

delivering data ownership

Build, own, and control brand identity initiatives.

data enrichment, modeling, and simulations

Expand understanding of customers and prospects.

data-driven activation and optimization

Seamlessly plan, activate, manage, and optimize media and creative campaigns.

most advanced global data foundation
flexible, open, and agile

the most advanced global data foundation



We partner with the best data warehousing companies in the world to deliver a solution that works around our clients’ data infrastructure.



Our proprietary consumer insight solution in 74 markets delivers a deep understanding of your consumers at unprecedented scale.



We manage 150mm geographically discrete microsegments connected to our bespoke global common denominator.



We leverage 2.22BN synthetic identifiers for privacy-first local activation.

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Our data promise
our data promise

setting the industry standard for data-powered marketing

We believe that it is incumbent upon marketers today to be responsible owners of their customer’s data. As stewards of that shared vision, we take the responsibility that entails seriously.

Our data promise
clients own their <br>first-party data

clients own their
first-party data

We do not stand between our clients and their customers – we work to connect them.

Our data solutions create a more sustainable model for the future of data-based businesses, allowing marketers to create better experiences, better businesses, and differentiated customer journeys.

we don’t use data <br>we don’t need

we don’t use data
we don’t need

The pressure to build data-based businesses has led many companies to collect more customer data than they need.

We help companies clarify the specific data they need and its role.

In delivering what customers want, creating a shared understanding between consumers and brands that deepens trust.

what you have today, <br>ready for tomorrow

what you have today,
ready for tomorrow

Software solutions should continuously update and upgrade.

To support this at system level, we link and coordinate the best technology partners the market has to offer. This empowers businesses, freeing marketers to focus on their customers.

our vision: to set a standard for how brands build relationships with customers through data.