the right stuff – are you leveraging the right data?

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insights thought leadership 02.09.2023

the right stuff – are you leveraging the right data?

linking data to fuel growth

susan saadian
director, product marketing

just little bits of history repeating

Many of us have likely seen that 2018 tweet from @GirlFromBlupo poking fun at Amazon for the toilet seat content she was receiving after a purchase – she tweets “Dear Amazon, I bought a toilet because I needed one. Necessity, not desire. I do not collect them. I am not a toilet seat addict. No matter how temptingly you email me, I am not going to think, oh go on then, just one more toilet seat, I’ll treat myself’. This happens to all of us. Last year I purchased a water fountain for my cats, Billie and Calvin, and still today I am getting targeted content to buy another. Much like @GirlFromBlupo, who is not a toilet seat addict, I too am not a cat water fountain addict either.

I prefer if brands would engage with me with relevant content – I am a cat mama, but I also enjoy live music and comedy. I live to travel, am gluten free and lean towards a healthy lifestyle. Even beyond that, there is so much more about me that makes me ‘me.’ The data is out there – it just needs to be connected so brands can have a full picture of who I am and how to engage with me on products and services that bring me value. Instead of another targeted ad for cat water fountain, how about a reminder to buy and replace the filter instead?

nothing compares

Brands are in a tough position. Privacy concerns and global and local policies are constantly evolving and impacting how data can be collected and used, leaving brands looking for new ways to reach customers that keep privacy front and center. With more data being collected than ever before, brands are being challenged to find new ways to mobilize disparate data for analytics and insights for a deeper understanding of customers, without sharing personal details.

With all these disruptors on multiple fronts, how can brands set themselves up to be successful and continue creating deeper connections with their customers? How can they deliver the right content across experiences – social, digital, email and beyond? And do all that in a way that strengthens trust with their customers?

you ought to know

According to Salesforce research, 66% of consumers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations, and 52% expect all offers to be personalized.

At Choreograph, we believe that PII (personal details, personal information) isn’t the only or always the best indicator of behavior, but instead connecting disparate data will provide more meaningful insights. Brands can unlock the power of data to create a single view of their customer, deepening their understandings of who they are, where they are and how to engage with them at the right stage of their journey for those product and services they want and need most.

this is how we do it

Choreograph’s products and solutions are designed to meet brands where they are in their data journey. By leveraging emerging AI and machine learning technologies, we work with brands to connect and mobilize data – keeping privacy at the forefront – to drive better intelligence and insights on a brand’s current and prospective customers and how to effectively engage with them across a variety of channels. Companies with multiple brands under their parent company umbrella can connect disparate data across their brands, leverage their loyalty programs to engage customers at the right stage of their journey, and optimize engagement by leveraging the right message, with the right audience, at the right time.

show me love

As we enter into a new era of connecting data, we have the opportunity to show customers a little love for what makes them ‘them’.

Our teams believe that by connecting the right data and querying the right questions, brands can differentiate between connecting with me as a current or future customer and not connecting with me at all (I may not be your brand’s ideal client). Give me less content about cat water fountains and more about music, concerts (Beyonce just announced her Renaissance tour – take all my money!!), and travel deals to explore the world around me.

We can help you to better connect too.

Susie Saadian is the director of product marketing for Choreograph. In her free time, Susie is slightly obsessed with music – having listened to 52,000+ minutes in 2022 – and has traveled the globe to catch waves as an amateur surfer.

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