global privacy policy

Last Updated March 23, 2022

Choreograph is a global data and technology business providing a variety of data driven marketing solutions to clients across its suite of products and services. We are a WPP company and work closely with the other companies across the WPP network, including GroupM and its agencies, specifically utilising some of GroupM technologies and products. For more information about WPP and GroupM, click here.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to provide you, the consumer, with information about how we may collect and handle your personal information (sometimes called “personal data” or “personally identifiable information”). This covers both online and offline personal information as explained in our Consumer Preference Portal.

This is a global privacy policy. If you are accessing this policy from the EU please also read the section about Privacy Rights of individuals in the UK, EEA and Switzerland. If you are a Californian resident please also read the section about Privacy Rights of individuals in California.

other privacy policies

This privacy policy does not cover personal information collected when using Choreograph’s website at This information can be found here.

If you want to learn about how your personal information has been used in the recruitment process you can find the recruitment privacy policy here.

We would encourage you to read the entire privacy policy, however if you would prefer to use the contents links below these will take you to the individual sections:

our services

This section provides information about the services we offer our Clients. Our “Clients” are businesses who deal directly with consumers, such as advertisers who sell their products and services to consumers. We do not offer our services directly to consumers. We work directly with Clients, or through an agent (such as a data or media buying agent) who act on behalf a Client.

Our Clients use our services to help them deliver effective and relevant advertising online and offline to consumers. We help advertisers understand their current customers’ interests, preferences and needs and also help them find prospective new customers across all media channels. Our services give Clients a unified and holistic view of their current and prospective customers, and allows them to deliver advertising to consumers who are more likely to be interested in their products and services.

Our “Services” can be broadly defined in three categories of activities: Sync, Compose and Perform, as further described below.

Sync Compose Perform
Data Onboarding Data Enrichment Planning
Data Hygiene Insights Activating
Data Matching Modelling Measuring & Reporting
ID Resolution Segmenting

For a description of each of the services listed above, please see Purposes of processing.

our technologies and products

Below is an overview of the products and technologies we use to provide our Services.

Name of Service Description of Service
ID Graph The Identity Graph uses graph technologies and machine learning to discover connections and relationships between people, places, and actions. It provides a holistic view of a consumer’s identity by combining 1st and 3rd party data assets to provide a comprehensive set of attributes about a consumer or household (such as demographics, psychographics, interests, buying behaviours, health insights etc). It allows Choreograph to provide data matching, ID resolution, consumer insights, enrichment, modelling, and segmenting services.
ID Graph Network (IDN) The Identity Graph Network is the foundation of the Identity Graph. It refers to a variety of data assets that feed the graph, including Client first party data, third party licensed data, as well as Choreograph’s proprietary data assets, as further described below, including: Audience Origin; i-Behaviour (US, Canada, UK), Conexance (France), AmeriLINK (US), and mPlatform (Global).
Audience Origin Audience Origin is our quarterly consumer survey, operated through our trusted panel providers globally. We ask consumers a number of bespoke questions about their media behaviour, category purchases, media touchpoints, psychographics and demographics to better understand their motivations, behaviours and attitudes. Survey responses are combined together (or aggregated) to understand general consumer attitudes, as well as for media planning and buying purposes. In some cases, we also receive individual respondent level data to be used for modelling and activation.
Fusion Fusion uses AI technologies to provide data enrichment and data matching services for our Clients using survey data collected from Audience Origin, as well as audience data from mPlatform and other licensed third-party data sources.
Strategy Simulator Our Strategy Simulator helps to simulate or predict the impacts of changes in consumer behaviour and market dynamics on client’s business, using synthetic populations from survey data collected from Audience Origin. This helps our Clients plan their media buying in a forward-thinking way.
iBehaviour (US & Canada) iBehavior is a cooperative database in the US and Canada where members of the cooperative can contribute their B2B and B2C information about their consumers, for the benefit and use by other members. This information includes personal information such as name, address, email address, phone number, along with transaction/purchase information such as goods and services purchased, transaction value, date of transaction etc. This data is collected by our Clients directly from their customers when they make purchases, register at a website or in some other way, and agree to their personal information being shared with third parties, such as Choreograph.The information contributed to the cooperative allows members to advertise (online and offline) to consumers based on their past buying behaviour in addition to other lifestyle, geographic, and demographic information. Through the cooperative, Choreograph provides members with modelling services (to find prospective new customers), reactivation and optimization services (to help reconnect with lapsed customers), and data enrichment (appending data variables to member’s existing customer file).
Conexance (France)
iBehaviour (UK)
Choreograph France (formerly Conexance and iBehaviour) is our cooperative database in France and the United Kingdom. Choreograph is a data processor under GDPR acting exclusively at the request of its members and on their behalf, to process personal information to provide the following services: modelling services (to find prospective new customers), reactivation and optimization services (to help reconnect with lapsed customers), and data enrichment (appending data variables to member’s existing customer file). This helps members to carry out marketing campaigns by post, by email, by SMS, or online.

For further information about personal data processing operations carried out by Choreograph France as part of its cooperative business, please visit:

AmeriLINK is our proprietary consumer database in the US, which collects, stores and organises information about consumers and households, including demographic and psychographic data, health and wellbeing data, life events data, transactional/purchase data, attitudinal data, and financial indicators. Using our consumer database, Choreograph provides clients of AmeriLINK with modelling services, including look-a-like modelling, data enrichment services (appending data variables to client’s existing customer file), data hygiene services (such as address standardization, suppression) and list rental services.We are registered as a data broker in California and Vermont.
AmeriLINK Activate Activate is one of Choreograph’s activation channels. Clients can use Activate on a self-service or managed service, allowing Clients to upload their first party data into the platform, access additional third party licensed and propertiary data, and push audiences to DSP and social channels for activation online.
mPlatform [m]PLATFORM is an audience intelligence solution that builds personalized consumer relationships at scale. It collects data about media consumption behaviour to allow Choreograph to gain insights about consumer’s interests, preferences, and lifestyles and create consumer profiles. We use this tool to provide our Clients with consumers insights, as well as modelling (including look-a-like modelling). mPlatform is also an activation platform, allowing us to push audiences to DSP for activation. For further information about mPlatform, see here.
Proteus Protetus processes programmatic data from media buying at scale. It ingests, matches and normalises log level data across all our agencies’ programmatic activity, which allows us to provide the following services to Clients: modelling, insights, media planning, and campaign reporting.

information that we collect

We collect and use a variety of information which includes personal information when providing our Services:

identifiers (“IDs”).

  • Offline IDs including full name, phone number, telephone number;
  • Online IDs including email address, IP address, Cookie IDs, Device IDs including Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs) such as Apple’s “IDFA” and Google’s Advertising ID;
  • Choreograph’s proprietary ID(s) that uniquely identify consumers in its own identity environment, including “K-LINK”, “ChoreoID”, “[mP]ID”; and
  • Other IDs that we may receive from third parties, including survey or panel IDs of consumers responding to a survey, or IDs from third party onboarding partners.

transaction and purchase data including product category (e.g., jewellery, apparel, pets, travel, sports) and purchase details (e.g., number of orders, value spent, payment type, method of purchase). We do not collect bank details, credit card details or other financial account level details. We also use modelled transaction data about a consumer’s likelihood or “propensity” to buy a particular brand or product.

device and browser information including type of browser and version, browser language, operating system, and connection type (e.g., wired or Wi-Fi).

online activity information including page URL (or category of page URL), site/page a consumer came from before viewing an advertisement, date and time of online activity, frequency of visits to a site, search terms used on a site, and interaction with an advertisement (e.g., whether you click on an advertisement).

demographic information including age, gender, income, marital status, household status, education, ethnic background.

psychographic information including interest, lifestyles, attitudes, personalities.

location data including postal address, IP address (which is converted into country, region, or postcode/zip code level location data) and latitude/longitude data of properties/houses (in the US). Not all the information listed above is collected and used in all regions in which the Services are offered. If you would like to find out what personal information we hold about you, please use our Consumer Preference Portal.

how we use this information

The table below describes the purposes for which we use different types of information when providing our Services. For a description of each of these purposes, see more detail in the section Purposes of processing. In addition to the purposes set out below, we may use all or a combination of the information we collect to detect or prevent fraud, to defend our legal rights and comply with the law.


Information Type How we use this information
Data Onboarding Data Hygiene Data Matching ID resolution
Full Name Postal Address Email Address Phone Number
Online IDs including IP address, Cookie ID, MAID, device ID
Survey or panel ID ✓ (suppression)
Survey responses
Purchase and transaction data
Device and browser information
Online activity information
Location information


Information Type How we use this information
Data enrichment Insights Modelling Segmenting Profiling Simulating
Full Name Postal Address Email Address Phone Number
Online IDs including IP address, Cookie ID, MAID, device ID
Survey or panel ID
Survey responses
Purchase and transaction data
Device and browser information
Online activity information
Location information


Information Type How we use this information
Planning Activating Measuring and Reporting
Full Name Postal Address Email Address Phone Number
Online IDs including IP address, Cookie ID, MAID, device ID
Survey or panel ID
Survey responses
Purchase and transaction data
Device and browser information
Online activity information
Location information

purposes of processing

Services Purposes of processing Description of the purposes
Sync Data Onboarding Bringing Client’s data into Choreograph’s data environment or a third-party hosted clean room environment. Bringing third party licensed data into Choreograph’s technology platforms.
Data Hygiene Cleaning Client’s data including merge/purge, address standardization and suppression.
Data Matching Matching Client’s data to consumers held in Choreograph proprietary database. Matching offline to online data, such as data collected offline (e.g. name, postal address etc) to your online activity or online IDs (e.g. device ID, cookie ID etc). Matching across different devices to determine that two or more devices belong to the same user or household
ID resolution Creating a Client-owned single customer view across known and unknown customers. Assigning a unique ID to consumers, including Choreograph’s proprietary ID.
Compose Data enrichment Enhancing Client data by adding (or appending) consumer data from Choreograph’s proprietary database
Insights Using a collection of data to understand or gain insight into consumers’ interests, motivations, behaviours and preferences. This may be at an individual consumer level, or an aggregate group or population level
Modelling Creating models (or a set of “rules”) which predict consumer behaviours or indicate likely characteristics about consumers.
Segmenting Creating groups of consumers (sometimes called segments, audiences or lists) who share the same or similar attributes, conditions, needs or preferences based on actual or inferred information.
Profiling Labelling or describing consumers based on their likely characteristics, behaviours and/or demographics., which is used in modelling, segmenting, and activating.
Simulating Testing potential outcomes of marketing by simulating population behaviour using Client data and Choreograph data.
Perform Planning Planning the buying of media across all channels, including using automated tools
Activating Delivering audiences to media buying and social platforms for online advertising. Delivering lists to Client’s or third-party fulfilment houses for offline advertising (e.g., mail, phone).
Measuring and Reporting Measuring and reporting on advertising campaign performance

sources of information

We source information from a variety of sources, including:

  • From our Clients, who may use our Services to onboard their data into our platforms and use our cookies and pixels to collect data from consumers visiting Clients’ web and app properties. For more information about the cookies we use, see section on Cookies.
  • Directly from consumers, including from consumers who agree to participate in our surveys and by using cookies, pixels or other similar online technologies on web and app properties. For more information about the cookies we use, see section on Cookies.
  • From different parts of our business. For example, we take transaction information contributed by members of our cooperative businesses (i-Behaviour and Conexance) and convert this information into general product categories e.g., “Women’s Apparel”, and “Recency”, “Frequency”, and “Monetary” metrics, such as last order date for women’s apparel, number of orders for women’s apparel in last 12 months, total amount spent and average spend value for women’s apparel in last 12 months etc.
  • From public records, where available in certain countries, such as occupational and recreational licenses (e.g., fishing licences), postal records (for address standardisation), suppression lists (e.g., do not call registries), and census records.
  • From our trusted third-party partners. Some of these partners may combine data from a variety of sources.


This section describes cookies that we use when providing our Services to Clients, including for interest based or behavioural advertising. This includes cookies that may be placed on your browser when visiting our Clients’ web properties or we properties that display on our Clients advertisements. For cookies we that we use on our corporate website, please see our Cookies Policy.

A cookie is a small alphanumeric text file that is stored in a browser by a web site or by a third-party ad server or other third party which allows that web site or third party to recognize that browser and remember certain information about the user. Our targeting cookies are named “Mookies” and operate on our domain. They are persistent cookies (meaning they are stored until they expire or are deleted/removed by a user) that contain unique randomly-generated values that enable our Services to distinguish browsers and devices and are associated with certain information about a user. Mookie cookies, together with this associated user information, are used in the performance of our Services, including for interest-based advertising.

The following table provides information about our Mookie cookies.

Cookie Name Cookie Behaviour Capability Information held in Cookie Expiry from last refresh (days)
Targeting (client data) Targeting and Optimization (user data) Reporting Attribution and Security
id Y Y Y Unique serial number 395 Days
ov N N Y Unique identifier 395 Days
mdata Y N N Unique serial number, Creation timestamp, cookie version 395 Days
syncdata_<PARTNER> Y N N Unique serial number, Creation timestamp, data partner’s visitor id 10 Days

In an app environment, your device will be assigned an Advertising ID (rather than a cookieID). This is an alphanumeric identifier made available by a platform or operating system (such as Apple iOS or Google Android) that allows application developers and third parties to recognize a particular device in an application environment and associated certain information to a user. Examples of Advertising IDs include mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs) such as Apple’s “IDFA” and Google’s Advertising ID. An Advertising ID together with user information it collects is used in the performance of our Services, including for interest-based advertising.

how we share information

sharing information in the provision of our Services

Clients: We use the information described in this privacy notice to provide Services to our Clients (or agents acting on behalf of Clients), which may include sharing, licensing or allowing our Clients access to the information. For our cooperative database (i-Behaviour and Conexance) we share information within the cooperative to participating members of the cooperative, as well as with other parts of the Choreograph business (see section on Sources of information describing how we obtain information from other parts of our business).

Internal Group companies: We also share information internally with our group companies WPP and GroupM, and their agencies which include, Mindshare, MediaCom, Wavemaker, Essence, m/SIX, Xaxis, Finecast and CMI.

Service Providers: We also share information with third-party providers that perform services and functions on our behalf and/or on behalf of our Clients in the provision of the Services such as companies that are responsible for the delivery of advertising including demand-side platforms, advertising networks, advertising exchanges, and ad servers, as well as fulfilment houses for offline marketing campaigns, providers involved in technology or customer support, operations, web or data hosting/storage, billing, accounting, security, marketing, data management, validation, enhancement or hygiene, or otherwise assisting us to provide, develop, maintain and improve our Services and products.

sharing information for Legal Purposes:

We may share personal information with third parties (including law enforcement, auditors, and regulators) to:

  • Comply with legal process or a regulatory investigation (e.g. a subpoena or court order).
  • Enforce our terms of service, this Privacy Policy, or other contracts with you, including investigation of potential violations thereof.
  • Respond to claims that any content violates the rights of third parties.
  • Protect the rights, property or personal safety of us, our platform, our clients, our agents and affiliates, its users and/or the public. We likewise may provide information to other companies and organizations (including law enforcement) for fraud protection, and spam/malware prevention, and similar purposes.

sharing information for corporate purposes

Transfer of data upon change of control: In the event that another company acquires us, or all or substantially all of the assets of our business, through a consolidation, merger, asset purchase, or other transaction, we reserve the right to transfer all information (including any information you may have provided through the “contact us” page) that is in our possession or under our control to the acquiring party, and that information may be used by the acquiring party in its business.

Sharing information in a corporate transaction: We may also share personal information in the event of a major corporate transaction, including for example a merger, investment, acquisition, reorganization, consolidation, bankruptcy, liquidation, or sale of some or all of our assets, or for purposes of due diligence connected with any such transaction.

data security

Maintaining the privacy of consumers’ personal information is very important to us which means we take care and pay special attention to our security measures to protect this information from data breaches. We follow industry standards to protect against the unauthorized access to, retention of, and disclosure of information. This includes physical, electronic, and management activities to protect information integrity, access, and use.

Choreograph recognizes the importance of a comprehensive data security program, and the need to ensure the data we process is maintained accurately and securely. We employ technical, organization, and administrative safeguards to protect the information we hold. We use multiple layers of security, combining state-of-the-art firewall protection, strictly controlled access and other security measures to guard against unauthorized use or alteration of our data.

international transfers of personal information

Choreograph is a global company and provides its Services to Clients across multiple regions and countries.

Where possible we store personal information locally, for example in the EU (for EMEA and UK), Taiwan, Singapore and China (for APAC) and US (for North America), depending on the location of the consumer.

However, we may need to transfer personal information outside of these locations in the following scenarios:

  • When we are required to transfer information to our Clients or our Service Providers to locations other than where our data is stored.
  • When our engineering or support teams need to “access” (including remote access) personal information outside the location they are based to build, maintain, and/or monitor our systems and platforms.
  • When we have a cross functional or cross agency team providing the Services, who may be based in different locations and need to a ccess the personal information from various locations.

When we make these international transfers, we ensure they comply with all applicable local data protection and privacy laws.

membership to industry associations

Choreograph is an active member of industry associations that govern the policies around online consumer privacy in the context of internet-based advertising, including: the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), the European Digital Advertising Alliance (eDAA) and the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework (IAB TCF). Choreograph complies with the NAI Codes of Conduct, the DAA Self-Regulatory Principles and the IAB TCF Policies. We believe that these codes and principles help protect consumer privacy.

Please visit our Consumer Preference Portal for more information about how to exercise your privacy rights through the NAI and DAA opt-out mechanisms.

We fully support the digital advertising industry’s efforts to increase transparency around interest-based advertising using health segments. For more information on standard and custom interest segments based on health-related information or interests that we may use for interest-based advertising purposes, please see here.

consumer preference portal

Choreograph is committed to providing privacy first solutions for our Clients and embed privacy into the design of our products and Services. We recognise the control that you should be given in relation to decisions we make about how your personal information is used. This preference centre has been built to provide you with a simple, transparent process to exercise your rights under privacy regulations.

We want to give you as much information as possible to make an informed decision. There are a number of different ways you can exercise your rights through this portal. The different methods will depend on the country you live in and the type of data we hold about you.

Due to the nature of the Services we provide to our Clients we handle your online data and your offline data differently. For more information about our Services please read the section of the privacy policy on Our Services. This Consumer Preference Portal can be used to exercise your rights in relation to both offline and online data. We will try and respond to your request as soon as possible, but in any event, within the timeframes required under privacy laws in your country.

your digital information

We have created a user-friendly portal for you to control how we use your digital data. This is data we collect about you online, and may include online IDs, device and browser information, online activity information, and location data (See how we use this information). The type of digital data we collect may change depending on where you are located as we don’t provide all our Services in all regions. To find out more about what digital data we hold about you, and how you can manage your digital data please click here.

However, if you are located in China please email to manage your data and exercise your rights.

your offline data

The following forms can be used to understand the additional data we hold about you beyond your digital information, this may include your personal details such as your name, telephone number and postal address. The type of offline data we collect may change depending on where you are located, as we don’t provide all our Services in all regions. To find out more about what offline data we hold about you, and how you can manage your offline data please click here.

how we use your information to verify your identity

We may ask you to provide a photo ID to verify your identity before we release the data to you, we do this to ensure we only provide you with your information and protect it against unlawful third-party access. We will not share or use your identification in any of our Services or for any purpose other than verifying your identification.

other ways to exercise your rights

In browser environments you may refuse or remove cookies via the following methods:

  • Adjusting your browser settings to refuse or remove cookies, by following the directions provided in your browser settings. Further information about how to do this is available here.
  • Adjusting the cookie settings at the level of the web site owner. These setting options may vary by web site owner.
  • Opting out of interest-based advertising through the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) “YourAdChoices” program for web environments, available here:
    – For US –
    – For Canada –
    – For Europe and UK – (by clicking the “Your ad choices” link after selecting where you are located)

You may also limit ad tracking in mobile and Over The Top (OTT) TV device app environments connected to your Advertising ID via the following methods.

  • Going to the privacy setting on your mobile device and/or your OTT TV device and selecting “Limit Ad Tracking” to stop interest-based advertising via the applicable Advertising ID. Note: you should consult instructions provided by your device manufacturers for the most effective and up-to-date methods for opting out of interest-based advertising via your devices.
  • Opting out of interest-based advertising through the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) “YourAdChoices” program for app environments, available here:
    – For US –
    – For Canada –

privacy rights of individuals in the UK, EEA and Switzerland

You have the right to access, update, change, delete, restrict the use of, or obtain a copy of your personal information in an easily readable format. In certain circumstances, you may also request that Choreograph transfer your personal information to a third party, and the right to object to its use for marketing purposes. Where processing of your personal information is based on your consent, you also have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. Please note that your withdrawal of consent will not affect the lawfulness of our processing of your personal information prior to withdrawal of consent.

If you wish to exercise any of these rights please use our Consumer Preference Portal or email us at

You also have the right to make a complaint to the supervisory authority if you’re not happy with how we’ve handled your personal information.

privacy rights of individuals in California

View here.

privacy rights of global users

We have provided a mechanism to enable all consumers, regardless of your region to opt out of future processing and request deletion of your personal information through our Consumer Preference Portal. If you have any question about how to exercise these rights please contact us at

how to complain

If you have any complaints or wish to contact us, please use the Contact Us section and we will do our best to address any complaints or worries you may have about how we collect and handle your Personal information.

If for whatever reason you don’t feel like we have adequately addressed your concerns you can contact the applicable Data Protection Authority or Supervisory Authority in your jurisdiction and make a formal complaint.

contact us

We have tried to be as clear as possible in this Privacy Policy but if there is anything you do not understand or would like further information please contact us at, or you can exercise your rights through the Consumer Preference Portal.

In the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland the Choreograph legal entity responsible for the data that Choreograph collects is Choreograph Limited. Outside of the EEA and Switzerland the responsible legal entity is Choreograph LLC. If you are an individual residing in the EEA or Switzerland you should be aware that our DPO can contacted at

If you have questions, comments or concerns about this policy you can reach us by email or mail at:

Choreograph Limited
Choreograph, Sea Containers, 18 Upper Ground, London, SE1 9PT– Attn: Data Protection Officer

Outside Europe:
Choreograph LLC
Choreograph, 3 World Trade Center, 175 Greenwich Street, New York, NY, 10007, USA – Attn: Director of Privacy

changes to policy

Please note that because of the changing nature of privacy laws and regulations, digital technologies, and our business, we may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. Please review this Privacy Policy periodically to become aware of any changes that may have occurred (we will update the effective date at the top of the page to help you know when changes have been made).

Appendix A: Health-related segments

Audience Description
Non-sensitive Sensitive
Aches and Pains ADHD/ADD
Acne ADHD/ADD Meds
Allergies Most Likely Alzheimers
Allergy and Sinus Antidepressant
Allergy Medications Anxiety
Allergy Sufferers Attention Deficit Disorder
Arteriosclerosis Bipolar
Arthritis Breast Cancer
Arthritis Meds Cancer
Asthma Colon Cancer
Asthma Meds Depression
Athletes Foot Erectile Dysfunction
Back Pain Prostate Cancer
Bladder issues
Borderline Diabetes
Breast Exam
Caregiver in the Home
Carpal Tunnel
Chronic Bronchitis
Chronic Pain
Cold Sores
Corrective Lense Wearers
Dental Ailments
Dental Issues
Diabetes – Diet/Exercise Treatment
Diabetes – Insulin Treatment
Diabetes – Oral Meds
Diabetes – Other Treatment Methods
Diabetes – Type 2/Adult Onset
Diet Behaviors
Digestive Ailments
Digestive Conditions
Dry Eyes
Flu Shot
Food Allergies
Foot Ailments
Frequent Doctor Visits
GERD/Acid Reflux
Glucophage Medication
Hair Loss
Health Score – Low
Healthy Behavior Change – Likely
Healthy Behavior Change – Sustained
Hearing Aids
Hearing Loss
Heart Condition
Heartburn Meds
Heartburn/Acid Indigestion Sufferers
High Blood Pressure
High BMI
High Cholesterol
High Cholesterol – Diet/Exercise
High Cholesterol – Prescription Drugs
High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure
Imitrex Medication
Joint/Spine Ailments
Kidney Disease
Kidney Problems
Lactose Intolerant
Laser Vision Correction
Lipitor Medication
Medical Payment Difficulty
Medicare Advantage
Medicare Supplement
Mobility Problems and Assistance
Mouth and Teeth
Multiple Physicians
Nail Fungus
Nasal Allergies
No Health Insurance
No Physician
No Recent Check Up
Overall Health – low
Physical Health – Poor
Pnemonia Vaccine
Prostate Disorders
PSA Test
Quit Smoking
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Risky Health Behaviors
Skin Irritation or Rashes
Stool Test
Tetanus Shot
Vision Ailments
Vision Care & Conditions
Weight Loss

Appendix B: Segments based on the political affiliation

Audience Description
Political Affiliation: Democrat
Political Affiliation: Republican
Political Affiliation: Independent